The Best Multitasking Blushes Of The Season

In beauty, makeup on June 5, 2023 at 12:00 pm

These blushes do double duty with multi-use textures and skin care benefits.

When it comes to makeup, blush can be one of the more intimidating products to apply. Many makeup lovers are scarred by images and experiences of blush gone wrong – blush that makes you look like a circus clown or blush that looks more like a bruise. In addition to the wrong shade of blush, the wrong tool and application technique are enough to make anyone steer clear of blush forever.

So what is the purpose of blush? Blush not only adds color to the face, it helps to sculpt and define the features and add dimension one’s complexion. There are many blush formulations to choose from with powder being the most popular. And while the formulation is a personal choice, those who may be more oily may opt for a formula that is powder while those who may be more dry may opt for a cream or gel formulation.

The newest blushes of the season are unique formulations that are virtually foolproof and can be used on any skin type. The no fail formulations are soft veils of color that come in cream, gel and serum hybrid mixes and are infused with skin care benefits. These blushes not only allow the complexion to shine through but can be used on lips and in some cases the eyes. Application is easy because these formulations can be applied in many ways – with a fingertip, sponge or a brush. The ability to use your fingers makes it easier to touch up throughout the day as well.

SIMIHAZE Beauty Solar Blush Tint Duo

This unique and beautifully packaged blush duo comes in two formulas and finishes of cream pigment and gloss that can be worn alone or mixed together for a radiant finish. Although it is a blush, it works well as a lip pigment and gloss. Available in 5 colors.

Urban Decay Hydromaniac Dewy Liquid Blush

A cheek tint that not only gives a beautiful radiant rosy glow to the skin, it also helps to plump and hydrate as well. Hydromaniac Dewy Liquid Blush works for all skin types and can be applied with fingertips, brush or sponge. The tube allows for easy dispensing of product, is travel friendly and a little goes a long way. Available in 6 shades.

Nars Afterglow Liquid Blush

Looking for lightweight buildable cheek color that won’t dry your skin out? Nars Afterglow Liquid Blush is for you. Create radiant cheek color with a formula that has skin loving ingredients. Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and sodium hyaluronate provides 8 hour hydration. Best applied with a fingertip. Available in six beautiful shades.

Tarte Maracuja Juicy Shift Blush

There is no wrong shade with this fascinating and unique blush formula. Why? Because it is pH balanced meaning the color adjusts to your personal chemistry. Juicy Shift Blush is a creamy, jelly, pudding like formula that melts into the skin to deliver personalized color to any complexion regardless of the color that you choose. Key ingredients include maracuja passion fruit to for hours of hydration and hyaluronic acid superfruit acid for plumping. Available in 4 shades.

Mario Softpop Plumping Blush Veil

Think of Softpop as cream blush 2.0. It is a plumping blush veil that gives a veil of color that still lets the beauty of your skin shine through. Hyaluronic acid is the hero ingredient that does double time for hydrating and plumping the skin, leaving it glowing and radiant. Softpop is perfect for the “I woke up like this” aesthetic. Available in 4 shades.

Fenty Beauty Match Stick Color Adaptive Cheek + Lip Color

This is the perfect gel formulation that delivers your personalized rosy glow with color shift technology. Perfect for all skin types and available in one shade. This Fenty Beauty Match Stick is available for a limited time only so grab yours today.

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How To Choose A Color Corrector For Dark Under Eye Circles

In beauty, makeup, makeup artist tools on May 30, 2023 at 12:00 pm

Finding the right tools and products can help you banish your dark under eye circle woes.

It is often said that eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes can reflect many things – joy, sadness, and even confusion. Aside from looking into someone’s eyes to see what they may be thinking, dark undereye circles pose a level of concern for many.  Dark under eye circles circles can be caused by many factors including allergies, illness lack of sleep and in many cases are hereditary. When it comes to makeup, dark circles not only make you look tired, they can also make your overall makeup application look incomplete – almost as if you skipped an important step.

Finding the right products, tools, and techniques to cover up dark circles is a task that many are willing to take on. While creams and serums may offer cumulative benefits in the long run, something that offers more of a quick fix is what many people are also searching for. This is usually in the form of a concealer.

Concealer is one of the most important products to have in one’s arsenal when it comes to wearing makeup. Like a foundation, concealers come in many formulations, finishes and levels of coverage. They can address many complexion concerns that one can have such as brightening, highlighting or concealing various areas on the face.  The main concern however is usually neutralizing or concealing the dark tones under the eye.

In most cases the average concealer will address under eye concerns but there are instances when concealer is not enough. You know those times when you continue to apply and blend concealer but your under eye still looks dull, ashy or gray?  In cases such as this, it’s not your concealer per se, it’s the tone of the discoloration that is peeking through. While some darkness and discoloration can be easily concealed, there are some cases where those dark tones need to be neutralized first. This is where color correction is needed.

Color correction, which is not a new concept, is based on color theory. Remember back in elementary school during art class you learned about primary and secondary colors as well the color wheel (complementary, analogous, and triadic colors)? For instance, when it comes to complementary colors, if you have a red tone you want to neutralize (think acne), you would choose the opposite color on the color wheel, which in this case would be green, to cancel out the redness.

The main color correcting tone when it comes to undereye is peach and the variation of that tone as it relates to one’s complexion and depth of tone discoloration under the eye.

Pink -fair skin tones

Peach- fair to medium skin tones

Apricot – medium to dark skin tones

Red – dark to deep skin tones

These pink, peach, and apricot tones will also brighten up the under eye area – even if really dark circles isn’t a concern for you.

Be mindful when selecting a color correcting shade because you don’t want the color correcting shade to change the actual shade of the concealer you actually want to wear.  Look for formulas that are more fluid or serum like with a radiant finish and that is crease resistant because you want to avoid creating more texture than necessary.

When applying color correctors/concealers, you want to first prep the area with an eye cream to hydrate and smooth the under eye area. Give that a chance to absorb into the skin then apply a thin layer of your color correcting shade. Using a flat concealer brush is helpful for precise application however consider using your fingertip (ring finger) in a stippling/tapping motion works as well. Doing so (with your finger) helps to warm up the product and helps to press it into the skin. In most instances, the color corrector should almost disappear into the skin and the under eye area should begin to look brighter. You would then apply your concealer and finish off with a small amount of setting powder in a press, roll, sweep motion to set.

BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge

Often imitated but never quite duplicated, the BeautyBlender is the go to tool for professional makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike. Designed to help blend makeup with precision, the Beauty Blender is perfect for blending cream and liquid product into tight spaces such as the under eye area and the nose. The BeautyBlender can also be with setting powder for setting and baking. The best way to use a BeautyBlender is to wet it so that it swells up, squeeze out the excess water and apply product in a stippling/bouncing motion.

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Brush #71

The Sephora Collection brush is one that can be used in multiple ways with multiple products. The tapered end can be used to apply product in a precise manner while the flat side can be used to buff, blend and sheer out product. This brush can be used to apply concealers, correctors, primers, eye cream and cream eyeshadow.

Makeup Forever Concealer Brush small #174

This small precision brush is perfect for concealing and perfecting those small area without going overboard with product or application into areas that don’t need concealing or correcting.

Sonia Kashuk Essential Flat Top Concealer Brush #172

100% vegan and cruelty free, this concealer brush is perfect for blending creams and liquids. The compact dense bristles are synthetic so they will not absorb an excessive amount of product. Also the shorter more densely packed bristles will allow you to build up more coverage in the areas that need it.

Nars Radiant Creamy Color Corrector

A lightweight but full coverage creamy color corrector that blends and absorbs seamlessly into the skin. This formula helps to keep skin hydrated and contains antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and helps to brighten the skin. Available in 4 shades.

MAC Studio Fix Conceal And Correct Palette

This is the perfect concealer palette for multi use and custom blending. Each Studio Fix palette contains 4 concealer shades and two color correcting shades in a lightweight long-wear formula that is crease proof with medium buildable coverage. Available in 6 shades.

LA Girl HD PRO.Conceal

LA Girl Pro is a wonderful and effective alternative to some of the more expensive color correctors/concealers on the market. The lightweight creamy buildable formula comes with a built in brush applicator helps for precise application.

Bobbi Brown Color Correcting Stick

The Bobbi Brown color correcting stick is a very smooth lightweight medium coverage corrector. Unlike many stick formulas, this stick is very creamy and helps to plump and hydrate the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish Color Corrector

Available in 4 shades, this color corrector contains ingredients such as flavanoids to minimize eye puffiness and mica for smoothness and luminosity. It is a full coverage cream that can be used on all skin types. A little bit goes a long way for the coverage and correction that you need.

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These 8 Skin Care Trends Will Be Popular in 2023

In beauty, skincare on January 27, 2023 at 12:00 pm
Image Courtesy of Cottonbro via Pexels

Every year a new skin care ingredient or trend will pop up all over our social media feeds sparking curiosity and prompting a full on investigation. “Do I need it?” “Which celeb and influencer is raving about it?” “Where can I get it?” “How much is it?” “Is it really that good?” You then jump on your laptop (or phone) to research said new ingredients and trends to see what the tea is. After evaluating your current skincare needs and personal inventory, what usually comes next is a trip to your favorite beauty store or website for a purchase.

The following skincare ingredients and trends are no different to the investigative and purchasing process that we often find ourselves in. Keep in mind that many of these ingredients have been around however they are having their time in the spotlight and are getting more attention than before. As science, beauty, skincare and personal awareness continue to intersect, we will see more brands fine tune existing products as well as create more efficacious products to meet consumer need. Continue reading to find out what these ingredients and trends are and if you need to add them to your daily routine.

Niacinamide. Although glycolic acid will always have it’s place in many skincare routines when it comes to treating skin concerns such as acne, oiliness and hyperpigmentation, Niacinamide continues to stake its claim in the skincare space and pique many beauty enthusiasts’ attention. A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide is known for many of it’s reparative and soothing properties. It is water soluble meaning it dissolves in water making it easily absorbed into the skin. It works for most skin types, partners well with other ingredients in your skincare such as AHA/BHA and vitamin C. Niacinamide can help with acne, discoloration and pores and can be used am and pm. It can also help with dehydration because it helps the skin to produce ceramides which is a lipid that guards against moisture loss.

Sunday Riley B3 Nice 10% Niacinamide Serum

Verso Hydration Serum

Allies of Skin Tranexamic and Arbutin Advanced Brightening Serum

Refillable Products/Sustainability. Once upon a time, there wasn’t much thought given to how our favorite beauty products were packaged. We bought what we wanted, used the product and threw out the packaging only to repeat the process over and over again without much thought to how this could negatively impact the environment. These days companies and consumers alike have a greater awareness on how packaging has a major impact on the environment. New/emerging brands are making sustainability part of their mission from the start while brands like Caudalie that have been around for some time are focused on changing/updating ingredients and packaging to be planet safe within a certain timeframe.

Soshe G.L.A.M. Refillable Mascara

Hourglass Curated by Hourglass 5 Pan Palette

By Rosie Jane Leila Lou Everyday Body Wash

Microbiome Skincare. Often referred to when discussing gut health, the microbiome (or skin flora) also relates to skin. What exactly is the microbiome? It is the community, environment or collection of mainly bacteria, viruses and fungi (microbes) that live on the skin. Now before you freak out from the mere thought of these organisms living on your skin, please know that these are the good bacteria you want on your skin to keep it healthy. When your skin barrier becomes compromised, it can lead to a myriad of skin issues including acne, folliculitis, eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Some things that can compromise the skin microbiome are over-exfoliation, medication, stripping the skin with things like extremely hot showers, as well as lifestyle choices such as poor diet and excessive drinking. Microbiome skincare, which contains pre and pro biotics will help to restore and balance the skin when you need a little extra help.

Paula’s Choice Rescue and Repair Intensive Moisturizer

Galinee Prebiotic Face Oil

The Nue Co Barrier Culture Cleanser

Dark Spot Correctors. Before you consider going under a laser, consider a dark spot corrector. Dark spot correctors are definitely not new however more brands are including these types of product in their lineups. We all know that discoloration can occur after a breakout, injury or inflammation and can be annoying to look at. Dark spot correctors work topically and just beneath the first layer of skin to help hyperpigmentation issues go away. Correctors can take the form of a serum or a toner and can include ingredients such as kojic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, azelic acid, and licorice root. To increase the long term benefits of correcting hyperpigmentation, be sure to use sunscreen and don’t pick at blemishes.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

Ole Henriksen Glow 2OH Dark Spot Toner

Faded Brightening & Clearing Gel

Body Care. There has always been a strong focus on facial skin care to address many concerns such as acne, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. Oftentimes however, the skin below the neck is completely ignored. So much so that one may have amazing skin on their face but from the neck down that skin is looking like a weathered oak tree. And for those who do pay attention to the skin on their body, body care might only include using a body wash that wont strip the skin, occasional moisturizer when time permits and the additional body scrub or exfoliator whenever you think about it. That’s perfectly fine but now body care is becoming just as targeted as facial skincare with serums, masks, sculpting tools and devices that will address aging, loss of elasticity, moisture and discoloration. Focusing on body care also gives you the opportunity to slow down, pamper yourself and to also make sure your skin glows all over. Now just imagine how amazing you will look from head to toe.

Agent Nateur Holi Oil Youth Body Serum

Margaret Dabbs Yellow Leg Masque

Byredo De Los Santos Body Lotion

LED Light Therapy. If you are looking for a way to get high level skincare treatments to zap stubborn discoloration, zits, fine lines and wrinkles without going under a doctor’s knife or laser, consider a LED (light emitting diode) therapy device. At home LED therapy is usually less invasive with little to no downtime and range from full face masks to portable hand held devices. While there are many different light wavelengths that devices can emit, the most common is red and blue light. Red light therapy addresses the outermost layer of the skin and stimulates collagen production which is very important in the structure of the skin as we age. Red also helps to reduces inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Blue light targets acne and the bacteria associated with it. To find out more about the benefits of LED therapy, read this.

NuLife Beauty Ultrasonic Fat & Cellulite Burner

Dr. Dennis Gross DRx Spectralite FaceWare Pro

SolaWave Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light

Retinol. No matter what new ingredients come on the scene, retinol will always reign supreme. It is the OG, the gold standard in skincare/anti-aging because it will change your skin for the better. A derivative of vitamin A, retinol, which was originally prescribed for acne, actually helps your skin to act and look younger. It helps skin to produce collagen while helping with cell turnover, exfoliation, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, pores and clarity in the skin. Retinol is also anti-inflammatory. With that said, retinol does have a reputation for causing skin irritation, particularly with new users. Today’s formulations contain ingredients that act as a buffer such as manuka honey to help soothe and comfort the skin. Many of today’s formulas are also time released meaning that the retinol is released in small doses over a longer period of time to help reduce irritation.

Sunday Riley A+ High Dose Retinol Serum

Kiehl’s Micro Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum With Ceramides And Peptides

RoC Retinol Correxion Smoothing Night Serum Capsules

Bakuchiol. Often touted as a natural, less irritating alternative to retinol, bakuchiol can yield similar results to retinol. Found in the seeds and leaves babchi plant (Psoralea Corylifolia), bakuchiol is central to ancient Ayurvedic practices and Chinese skincare. Bakuchiol is vegan and contains antioxidants and can help with discoloration, texture issues and free radical damage. It is more tolerated on various skin types and can be an alternative for pregnant women. In addition, bakuchiol and retinol can be used together.

Herbivore Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum

Innbeauty Project Slushy Serum Moisturizer Crush

Whish Beauty Botanical Primer With Bakuchiol

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