My Fit-Spiration

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Every time I see Serena I get my life.  She is Beautiful.  Strong.  Resilient.  Powerful.  When I see her, it pushes me to do a few more reps.  To run a little harder.  To jump a little higher. To be a better “athlete”.

These women are my definition of a Boss.  To achieve this level of athleticism, you have to Dedication.  Vision.  Discipline.  Focus.  Grit.  Determination.

I think I’m going to create a fit inspiration board and include some of these images so that when I feel discouraged and tired and don’t want to get up at 4 am to work out, I can look at my board and remember that there were, are, and will be days when my fitness heros have felt the same way and have not given up.

Tips For Hosting Overight Guests

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Usually there is nothing more exciting than having your favorite people visit you from out of town.  When you have guests coming to stay with you for the weekend, you want to make their visit as pleasurable as possible.  And while you don’t have to do a home makeover, you want to make sure you extend the same hospitality and grace that you would like to have extended to you.  With the following tips and some planning, you can ensure that you an your guests have a wonderful extended time together.

First things first – figure out where your guest is going to sleep.  If you have a spare room, this won’t be too much of an issue.  If you live in an apartment, chances are your guest will sleep on the couch or on an air mattress.  Wherever your guest is going to sleep, make sure the area is comfortable, that the area has curtains/blinds and that you have provided pillows, clean linen, a blanket, waste basket and a cleared shelf or table for their use.  You can also provide bedside emergency such as a box of tissue, pain killers and antacids just in case.

Double check dates and times of arrivals, departures as well as length of visit.  If you are picking your guest up from the airport (train/bus station), make sure you have the correct location.  Nothing is worse than being on time at the wrong place.  I know.  I’ve done that.

If you have a driveway and your guest is driving to your home, save your best parking spot for them.  If you live in the city where parking is often difficult to find, let your guests know where and when to park.

Explain the quirks of your place and show your guest where everything is.  You have lived in your place for some time so you know how everything works.  You know about that toilet handle you have to jiggle and the door you have to lift and pull in order to close.  Make sure you pass this information on to your guests to save them the agony and possible embarrassment of fumbling around your home.

Stock up on toiletries and create a landing space for your guests things in the bathroom.  Usually guests bring their own personal items but it is always nice to provide a nice basket filled with body wash, unscented body lotion, toothbrush as well as a towel, washcloth, loofah, etc.  Also, make sure there is enough toilet tissue, and keep a toilet brush and a plunger nearby.

Keep a loose schedule so your guests have time to breathe, especially when they first arrive.  If your guest is in town to visit you specifically, you can always plan for activities ahead of time by asking what your guest wants to do.  If your guest is in town for business,  discuss your schedules in advance and make sure they have access into and out of your place.

Make sure your guest has your wifi access, any access codes to get into and out of your building.  Also make sure they know how to work the heater/air conditioner, remote controls and provide an extra power strip so they can plug up their computer, phone, etc.

Plan meals ahead of time and make sure you have something for your guest to snack on when they arrive.  If you can, go out to dinner one of the days your guest is in town.  Also, you can do some crock pot meals so that you don’t have to spend all of your time cooking. In addition, stock your fridge and pantry with goodies such as fruit, cheese, veggies, cold cuts, condiments, bread, pasta salad, crackers and chips that will be easy for you and your guest to fix meals and snacks.  And don’t forget the wine (or sparkling soda), juice and water.

What has been your experience with hosting or being an overnight guest in someone’s home?






Quick Beauty Product Solutions

In beauty, how to, makeup on June 22, 2016 at 2:17 pm

Here are quick solutions for when two common beauty product start to run low and you haven’t had the time to replenish …

  • You know what happens when you start hitting pan with your favorite foundation or bronzer compact…the slightest jolt or bump can make your product shatter into a big mess all over the place.  To prevent that from happening, take a few cotton rounds to put in the compact to absorb impact.  If you carry  your product with you, I would also suggest putting that compact inside of a zip lock bag and then putting it into your cosmetic bag so the contents don’t get all over your other makeup.

  • You can also use a sifter jar to put the contents in.  This is not necessarily the most convenient if you carry your product with you for touch ups but it conserves your product.  You can find these jars here here or here.
  • What do you do when you have a tube of something like a moisturizer or foundation that is running low?  Many times you may not be able to squeeze anything out however many times there is still a great deal of product left in these tubes.  Just cut the tube open with a pair of clean scissors (if you can’t screw or pop the top off) and scoop the contents into a travel jar.  Usually if it is a bottle of product, you can screw the top off and pour the contents into a sample jar.

What are some of your beauty product solutions?