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How To Pack Efficiently For Travel

In travel on August 12, 2019 at 10:21 am

Image Courtesy of Lucas Fran├ža/Pexels

Going on an extended vacation or short trip can, for the most part, be exciting.  Packing for said vacation or trip on the other hand can sometimes be frustrating, especially if you haven’t cultivated packing a suitcase into an art form.

Packing strategically and efficiently for your travels can be the difference between having everything you need versus leaving items behind and having to make multiple trips to the convenience store or mall to replace items you forgot.  Strategic and efficient packing can also ensure that your items are organized and in good condition upon arrival.  Below are several tips, tools and techniques to help you navigate the task of packing for your travels.

  • Roll Don’t Fold.  How many times have you packed your suitcase only to reach your destination with clothes that have more wrinkles than a bulldog’s face?  We’ve all been there.  Rolling your clothes does two things: it helps to minimize wrinkles and rolled clothes can help maximize space in your suitcase.  When shopping in general and packing specifically, choose clothing in fabrics that tend to resist wrinkles.  If your clothes still have a few wrinkles after you arrive at your destination, try hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower and/or use a de-wrinkler for moderate wrinkles. 
  • Use packing tools such as packing cubes (great for rolling) and packing envelopes/folders (great for things like button downs which are better folded). These are also great tools to use to help keep your suitcase/travel bag organized.  You can organize based on undergarments (underwear, socks, hosiery), occasion (sports, dinner, events), day of the week and even color palette – whichever works for you.
  • Have a separate bag for soiled items.  Also, to keep things smelling fresh, use a sachet or even a dryer sheet inside of your luggage.
  • Begin and end with a packing list of items that you can always refer to when traveling.  This way you can plan before you pack.  This is also great if you are one to pack hours before your flight – you decrease the chance of you forgetting something important like your toothbrush or medication.
  • Use a toiletry bag (or Dopp kit).  Make sure you use TSA approved bottles to keep your skin/hair care in.  If you travel often, don’t unpack as you are less likely to forget these items.  TIP:  don’t fill the bottles all the way.  Storage areas of planes are not pressurized and can cause liquids to overflow if the bottle is filled all of the way.  Also, as a precaution, put bottles in a zip lock bag just in case something leaks so you won’t have a bigger mess than anticipated.  You can also put a small piece of plastic over the opening of containers to minimize spillage in case the top comes off.  Add a cotton round to items like foundation compacts to absorb shock and prevent breaking.
  • Leave extra space in your luggage for things you may purchase while traveling.  Also since most suitcases are upright, when packing, put heavier items at the bottom near the wheels to prevent the luggage from tipping over.
  • Keep jewelry from getting tangled by folding items like necklaces in gift tissue paper or 2 sheets of plastic wrap.  If you’re not one to keep the postcard that earrings come on when you purchase them, you can always use an index card or buttons to keep earrings (particularly studs) together.  Use a travel box, jewelry bag or small cosmetics case/bag to keep bangles and rings together.  You can also stuff these items in shoes to maximize space.
  • Use handbag dusters, large zipLock bags or even inexpensive shower caps to keep shoes from touching.
  • Put an identifying mark on luggage and travel bags for easier identification and pick up at baggage claim.  There is nothing more nerve wracking than to wait at baggage claim and realize that several other people have the same or similar luggage as you do.  This increases the chance of hurriedly grabbing someone else’s belongings and taking off in a hurry.  Use a brightly colored ID tag, sticker or even a ribbon to clearly mark your belongings.
  • Always pack an extra change of clothes, particularly underwear as well as important items such as medicine, feminine care, mints, snacks and ID in your carry onjust in case you and your luggage don’t arrive at the same time and place.
  • Wear your bulkiest clothes during travel so as not to take up all the room in your suitcase.
  • Know your airlines baggage fees so you can budget for it and not be surprised when you get to the airport.
  • Keep photos of ID and travel documents in your cell phone just in case you misplace these actual items.
  • Use a gadget organizer for things like chargers and earphones/EarPods.

Do you have a favorite hack that makes packing for travel easier?  Please leave your comment below.