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7 Nail Trends To Try In 2021

In beauty, Nails on January 11, 2021 at 8:30 am

Nails continue to be recognized as the ultimate accessory that you allows you to experiment with new looks without major commitment. This season’s nail looks show that anything goes and that creativity is endless. DIY nails have also become more of a way of life and we are also seeing updated versions of styles we have come to know and love from seasons past. With so many options, there is something for everyone. Continue reading to discover the current nail trends of 2021.

Textured Nails. Creativity certainly has no boundaries as people become more creative with nail art. Toward the end of last year, cable knit or sweater nails started gaining more traction in various nail spaces. A textured, non shiny finish, sweater nails are created with gel polish and clear acrylic powder and can add a different kind of pop to nails.

Mix-match Nails (Indie Nails). These nails take multicolored nails to the next level. Going boldly where no other nail design dares to go, each nail not only has a different color but also a different design. In addition, each nail may have a different shape. For instance, consider one stiletto nail while the other nails are coffin shaped.

Stylized French Tip Nails. French tipped nails have evolved into extremely creative expressions of one’s unique taste. Once preserved for the minimalist and the “professional” with a basic white tip, French tip designs continue evolve with bold color and design combinations as well as color blocking. In addition, French tips will continue to be paired as an accent with other creatively designed and blinged – out nails.

Logo Nails. Brand logos are no longer reserved for clothing, accessories and footwear. A big trend in nails since last year has been nails designed with the logos of popular brands – luxury in particular. Whether meticulously created by hand or by applying a pre-designed decal to the nails, anyone will be able to show love for their favorite brand (or personality) on their nails.

Negative Space Nails. Negative space nails are still a thing and are a great way to update a basic manicure. This nail design is also a great way to subtly push the envelope in more conservative or restrictive work environments. Using any color and any design, negative space nail art can be used on all nails or used on a few nails for an accent. What’s also great about negative space nails is that depending on if the negative space is near your cuticle, it will be harder to tell when you need a fill.

Press On Nails. Press on nails may have become the alternative during quarantine, but they have been trending for quite some time. Press on nails offer major convenience, can be purchased almost anywhere, and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You can switch up your style at any given time with various colors, lengths, shapes, finishes and designs. With the right prep and application, you can continue to do your regular activities as well as keep them on for up to two weeks.

Basic Manicure. Nothing is more beautiful than well groomed and manicured hands. Basic manicures are coming back to the forefront as an option for nails, especially since people had to start doing their nails because nail salons were closed. And with all of the products and tools available for at home use, your nails can always be done.

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The Most Wanted Nail Looks Of 2020

In Nails on May 11, 2020 at 3:36 pm

Like the many forms of beauty that we enjoy regularly such as great hair and makeup, nails are an awesome way to show off one’s personal style.  And now that we are approaching spring/summer, you may need inspiration for new nail looks to get you excited and help you take a detour from your regular nail looks.  Runway, social media and Pinterest feeds as well as real life have abundant ideas of nail looks to wear, whether you get your nails professionally done or you DIY.  Below are 7 of my favorite nail looks, many of which have been around but are taking center stage for this season:

Long Nails
.  And I mean super long and in a variety of shapes other than the traditional square and oval. Regardless of how you feel about long nails, they are a thing. Regardless of your thoughts on practicality and functionality, the people who wear longer nail lengths are actually fully functional.  Longer nail lengths allow nail techs to flex their artistic skills with various designs, finishes and techniques thus creating wearable art.

French Manicure. This look will never go out of style as it is clean, classic and sophisticated. Often considered a more “professional” nail look,  french manicures are perfect for when you need a nail look that isn’t necessarily doing the most. French manicures are often associated with the 90’s – a square, airbrushed look however today’s french manicures have an updated spin with creatively designed tips and nail shapes as well as various finishes such as ombré, foiled and glitter.

Nail Decals.  Nail decals/nail transfer foils are still a thing and seem to be making a bit of a comeback. What’s great about nail decals is that for the fraction of the price your would pay at the nail salon (for nail art in particular), you can get very creative with awesome nail art decals to express your individuality.

Gradient Nails.  This can refer not only to gradient color design on each nail but also as in each nail being painted a different color, the latter being quite easy to achieve.  You can get your ROY G BIV on with different colors of the rainbow, or various shades of a color (think black, grey, and white).

Animal Print Nails.  Who said that you had to leave animal print to your clothing, shoes and sunglasses? Now you can wear your favorite animal prints on your nails.  Think cow, leopard and tortoiseshell which can adorn your entire nail or just the tips (think French manicure) and you don’t have to take them off at the end of the day like you would with your accessories.

Milky Nails.  This nail trend started gaining more traction toward the end of 2019 and seems to be picking up steam for this season. Milky nails, which are a great alternative to the hardcore nail art and bold colors that we love, have a semi translucent finish which resembles skim milk but in the best way. There are many ways to achieve the look:  with the help of a professional and of course at home.  The former can achieve the look with acrylic powder and gel polish.  The latter with regular polish like OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow or Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Regret The Moon.

Press On Nails.  Press on nails have definitely become all the rage and I’m so here for it.  A far cry from the Lee Press On Nails from yesteryear, today’s press on nails (and glue) are of a higher quality which help to provide longer wear.  Whether you go to the nail salon regularly or you are a DIY kind of person, the options are endless when it comes to press on’s. You can save a lot of time if you are a DIY’er and MAYBE some money as well as switch up your look on a more frequent basis with the various shapes, lengths, and designs press on nails offer.

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