34 Hacks For A Happier and Healthier Lifestyle

In lifestyle on January 4, 2021 at 8:30 am
Image Courtesy of Olya Kobruseva via Pexels

Year after year people head into the new year with resolutions and the sweeping changes they want to make. Work out. Eat healthier. Read more. Start a side hustle. It’s something about the start of a new year that makes people want to clean slate everything and create big changes in their lives. And while some people are more successful than others in carrying out commitments, once the novelty of the new year wears off, by January 7 many people usually find themselves slipping back into their old ways.

There are a few reasons why this may happen. It can be that the goals are set without real intention or a plan in place. It’s very easy to say you are going to do something but without creating the steps necessary to accomplish a goal, what you are trying to do is merely a thought. Also, when you try to tackle too many things at once, it can be overwhelming to execute your goals altogether.

Whatever the case, don’t feel bad if you haven’t made any resolutions or if you’ve made some in the past and missed the mark. And if you have (made resolutions), be sure they are intentional and that you have a plan in place to make sustainable changes. Also, be sure that you aren’t making resolutions just because everyone else is doing it. You may not even feel the need to do something other than what you normally do. That’s fine. You will make changes when you are ready.

With that being said, the following list is not about creating new years resolutions per se. Think of it as a non-exhaustive list of hacks that you can do over time to create a happier, more healthy lifestyle.

  1. Ask for help. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.
  2. Update your undergarments and sleepwear. It’s the change you never knew you needed. You’re welcome.
  3. Finish what you started.
  4. Expect more from yourself. Stop letting yourself down.
  5. Stop seeking approval from those outside of your circle of respect. Even within that circle – stop.
  6. End relationships that are draining, unsupportive and lack reciprocity.
  7. Take an online course.
  8. Update your hair, makeup and wardrobe.
  9. Start a virtual book club.
  10. Eat more fruits and veggies.
  11. Be a tourist in your own town.
  12. Practice gratitude.
  13. Enjoy the moment.
  14. Improve your posture. Stand up straight and hold your head up high.
  15. Eat more nutrient dense foods instead of focusing so much on calories.
  16. Celebrate the small wins.
  17. Declutter your closet, old phone numbers, texts and photos.
  18. Be intentional about prioritizing healthy relationships.
  19. Try an online workout.
  20. Make your bed every morning.
  21. Schedule your doctor appointments.
  22. Slow down while eating.
  23. Switch to a sonic toothbrush and scrape your tongue.
  24. Redecorate.
  25. Drink more water.
  26. Go to bed earlier.
  27. Buy yourself flowers and plants and light those candles.
  28. Create an evening wind down routine.
  29. Don’t hit the snooze button.
  30. Stop trying to prove yourself to anyone but you. You don’t owe anyone a dog and pony show.
  31. Keep track of your finances on a daily basis.
  32. Get up at the same time every day.
  33. Give yourself permission to do nothing for the day.
  34. Set boundaries with yourself.

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