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Death of Nail Art? Not so much…

In beauty, Nails on January 12, 2014 at 11:32 pm


So I am perusing through one of my favorite online fashion and beauty magazines and I come across an article stating that nail art is over.  WHAT? Did I miss something?  Was there a news report that I missed?  I see too much nail swag on a daily basis to believe otherwise.  The article goes on to state that nail polish sales are down and that nail art was a fad. I certainly wouldn’t consider something that I have been getting done to my nails for 20 years as a fad.  Now it may be true that nail polish sales are down but to state that nail polish/art is dead is extreme. I am not sure if this article is talking about nail polish, nail art/affects – as the article seemed to go back and forth and not really zero in on what exactly is dead.   I know that numbers don’t lie but I’m not sure who or what these numbers are based off of.

Nail art has taken on a life form of itself.  I remember the days of going to get my fill ins at my local nail salon and then getting one of the hottest airbrush designs that I couldn’t wait to flaunt.  Fast forward to today – there are Caviar Nails, feather manicures, rhinestones, skulls, spikes, nail appliqués  and various other intricate designs that adorn the digits of the masses.  You name it and chances are someone has figured out how to put it on a nail.  Just check out the latest on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr – oh and my favorite, NAIL IT Magazine, nail artists are tricking out nails to epic proportions.  Now there are the special effects such as the crackle and magnetic top coats that may have waned in interest  (at least mine)  but is the lack of interest and/or dip in sales that impactful that it affects total beauty industry numbers?  People don’t purchase nail polish on a daily basis.  People stock up on their favorite polishes.  And sometimes people, such as myself, receive nail polish as gifts.

This past fashion week season (for spring 2014), nails were a focus as hair and wardrobe. Nail styles varied from very simple nudes and pastels to intricate designs created by many nail artisans.  Even the latest issue of InStyle‘s  (magazine) article “Show of Hands” on page 94 shared ideas of do it yourself ideas for nail art and manicures.  I’m sure this beauty and fashion source wouldn’t report on something that is outdated.

Regardless of what any article says, nail painting and nail art is part of a beautification and grooming process.  It is part of a marriage between hair, makeup wardrobe and accessories.  Nail art and nail polish has been and always be one of the quickest, easily accessible and perhaps one of the more inexpensive “makeovers” aside from lipstick that is at a woman’ s disposal and most likely will never go away.