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The Wait Is Over – Birchbox

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I am a hopeless product junky. I love nothing more than trying on and buying new concoctions, creams, potions and lotions. New beauty finds propel me to a realm of excitement and euphoria so it is no surprise when I discovered Birchbox, an exciting way to receive personalized deluxe sized samples delivered to my mailbox for just $10 every month. I logged onto this beauty cosmos and got on the mailing list. And then I waited. I waited and stalked my inbox until they told me that a membership spot opened up for me (oh how privileged). Without hesitation I clicked those keys on my laptop to sign up because I only had 48 hours to do so or else…my membership would be taken away from me. Sharing is nice but no one was getting my spot. I filled out my profile so that they (these birchbox geniuses) would know more about me: like where I buy my beauty products, what I am most likely to splurge on and even what my skin tone and hair type is – all so that my samples would be personalized. My first shipment was on the way!!!!!

Fast forward a week or so….

I came home from work and and opened my mailbox with crazy anticipation because I knew what was awaiting me. To my delight my first shipment had arrived and I kid you not, I squealed with sheer delight and jumped up and down like a little girl. Multiple times. In public. I dashed upstairs with excitement and ripped open that UPS box (which was actually pretty and pink) to reveal a beautiful box (presentation is everything) filled with products I have heard of like Miss Jessies Curly Meringe to brands I had not heard of like Color Club Nail Lacquer and J & E Atkinson’s I Colonaiali Shower Cream. So exciting.

Over the next week or so, I will share my experiences and opinions of these products.

Stay tuned….



Simply Vera Wang Cosmetics at Kohl’s

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Vera Wang.  Her name is synonymous with beautiful, exquisite wedding dresses that many women dream of wearing on their wedding day.  She successfully launched her line of ready to wear clothing, accessories, footwear and home goods at Kohl and this month, she will launch her full line of cosmetics, expanding the Simply Vera Wang brand at the mass retailer.


image courtesy of US Magazine



Warm Weather Violations

In beauty, etiquette, fashion on March 15, 2012 at 10:36 am

So for the past couple of days we have been experiencing some really stunning, outrageously beautiful days in the DMV.  Not officially out of the winter season (which was a little milder than expected), it goes without saying that the warmth is more than welcome.  It also goes without saying that because the weather has been unseasonably warm, many unscrupulous individuals have had the audacity to walk out their homes wearing questionable attire and have committed various heinous beauty acts which are in extreme violation of what is sound and reasonable.  Following is a list of my top three pet peeves and if you fall into one of these categories, it’s ok.  Just be mindful and make some changes.

Crocadile feet.  Yes I said crocodile feet.  Jagged toe nails that haven’t seen a file, emory board or jack hammer in forever. Crusty (crust + rust = crusty) feet that haven’t seen a pumice stone or lotion in who knows how long.  Chipped toenail polish – is it on or off?  Make a decision.  Please care for yourself enough to care for your feet – go get yourself a pedicure or do one at home.

Ill fitting shoes.  Just in case you didn’t know, your shoes should actually fit.  Your toes should not hang off the front of your open toe shoe/sandal, looking like bird claws on a perch nor should your big heel hang off the back of your shoe like a car hanging off a cliff in a movie.  It is also not acceptable to wear shoes that you have to tip in (yes tip).  You have seen her before (or maybe it’s you).  She is wearing a great outfit and really nice shoes that she can’t walk gracefully in.  Instead she looks like she is taking shorter, stifled steps, perhaps like she is walking a tightrope because her feet are balled up like fists inside of a shoe that doesn’t fit.  Just because the shoe is cute doesn’t mean it will work for you.  Go shopping in the latter part of the day when your foot is a little bigger and you can get a more accurate fit for your foot.  Also when we are older we pretty much know what our shoe size is but our feet do change over time and it is a good idea to have someone measure your foot. This way you won’t have to be a tipper.

Kymaro Body Shaper

Ill fitting undergarments or lack thereof.  With warm weather people tend to wear more sheer fabrics.  Nothing wrong with that per se but please make sure you have (and actually wear) a slip and/or tank top with your outfits.  No one needs to see your private parts while you are picking up eggs at the grocery store.  And please, to the more – let’s just say voluptuous folk out there,  body shapers are your friend.

Rosie Perez Working It (Trendy Elegance)

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I had the opportunity this morning on my day “off” to catch up on the Wendy Williams Show (i believe this show was a repeat but anywho) and to my delight, Rosie Perez was on the show.  After all these years, she looks absolutely amazing. She rocked long full loose chocolate brown waves that framed her beautiful face, and a clean, fresh barely there makeup look.  I especially liked the red deep v-neck dress paired with nude platform pumps that she wore which complemented her small yet buxom (yes I said buxom) frame.  Overall, what I love most is that, in the words of WW, Rosie is a woman of a particular age and she working it, giving some of these young girls a run for their money.  No shrinking violet here.  Get it Rosie!!!!!

Trendy Elegance

Hervé Léger body con dress
€998 –

Miu Miu platform pumps
$645 –

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture glossy lip stain

In beauty, makeup on March 6, 2012 at 10:30 am

As of late, I have truly become a fan of Yves Saint Laurent’s (YSL) Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick.  This lipstick, which is luxurious, hydrating and has an SPF 15 ($34), actually lives up to it’s name.  So imagine my excitement when YSL launched their new Rouge Pur Couture glossy lip stain ($32).  I never wear lip stains because they make my lips dry, but because this glossy lip stain is YSL and is described as having the texture and shine of a gloss and the long wear of a stain, I figured I would give it a try.  This product actually went on very smoothly but to my disappointment, the finish/dry down was super sticky and tacky.  Can we say # fail?  Feedback on this product has been the same across the board.  The only things I liked about this product are the colors and beautiful packaging which isn’t enough for me to purchase.   So sad.  Better luck next time.

What Im Loving: Cole Haan and More

In beauty, fashion, lifestyle, men's corner on March 3, 2012 at 10:01 pm

What Im Loving

Had a chance the other day to take a stroll to some of my favorite stores to check out what was hot, exciting and enticing…

Cole Haan - Air Franklin Wing Tip Oxford $178

Oh how I love a well groomed man who wears nice shoes.  I love the unexpected color combination for what I consider to be an otherwise conservative shoe.  With a little imagination, these shoes are still very versatile. Worn with a multitude of items such as jeans, chinos, or suit/tie, these shoes add that unexpected flair, class and sophistication to what can be a boring outfit.

Anthropologie Leighton Tuxedo Jacket $288

I absolutely love women’s apparel that is inspired by menswear because it balances some of that nauseating silly frilliness that is sometimes found in women’s apparel.  I like a little edge and snarl to what I wear and this jacket does just that – enough femininity to remind you that I am a woman (soft, delicate) with a little kick a$$ toughness = super sexy.  Pair with a silky little camisole (maybe with a little sparkle) and a pencil skirt, cigarette pants or jeans and be on your way.

Bloomingdales -Borghese Fango Mineral Enriched Active Mud for Face and Body $66

I remember my mum using this when I was a little girl.  Once a week she would apply this mud to her face and body and let it sit.    I thought she was weird.  Well now Im grown and have discovered the benefits she enjoyed when she used this product.  Used once a week, the active mud which is sourced from Tuscany’s volcanic hills, detoxifies, tightens pores and energizes the skin.  Excellent for oily skin.  Who’s weird now?

White House/Black Market - Crepe Pant $98

I usually don’t wear a lot of color but these pants caught my eye.  I love the lightweight feel of these pants which button up on the side as well as the bright splash of color (tomato red) for the spring/summer.

BCBG - Elite Sport Watch $195

Umm I will take one of everything that BCBG has to offer.  But anyway about this super cute watch (and I’m not into watches) I love the rich colors this watch comes in.  With a rubber link bracelet and a rhinestone pave dial, this time piece is sure to dazzle.  I wouldn’t even wait for people to ask me what time it is.  I would just offer the time to people so I can have an excuse to look at the watch.

Stay tuned for more of what Im loving…