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Job Search Beauty Basics

In beauty, fashion, lifestyle, makeup on January 20, 2012 at 10:30 am

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people.  No.  Seriously.  I have seen so much the past couple of days with regard to how people present themselves when they come in for an interview or even to pick up an application.  I have seen it all:  Resumes handed to me on neon paper.  Applicants in neon ill fitted blouses with all of their endowments showing.  People showing up to interviews wearing gold shoes and plaid shirts (In the same outfit, mind you.  And the shoes were a metallic kind of gold.  #fail).  I have even had people hand me their application filled out in magic marker (No – really.  I kid you not).  In the highly competitive marketplace, one should not only have the skill set the perspective employer is looking for, but also desire to look the part as well.  And let me say this, even if you are looking for a job as an “artist”, this doesnt mean you come to the interview looking like you are doing an avant garde photoshoot or runway show.  Presentation is everything, not only with the way you present your application and resume, but also with your physical appearance. Here are just a few tips to help you along…

  • Neat, clean hair.  A nice simple updo or chignon works really well.  If you have a short haircut, make sure it is neat and trimmed.  Leave the extreme styles and adornments for your night out on the town.
  • Clean neat, manicured nails.  Your polish should be on or off.  No in between. You may even want to cut your talons down – at least for the job hunting/interviewing process.  Dont get me wrong, Im am all about long nails and self-expression but some folks are funny-acting when it comes to long nails, asking foolish questions like “how do you do anything with those nails?” so just cut your nails down a bit.  There is no need to scare you prospective boss with the claws.
  • Makeup – depends on your field.  Of course if you are interviewing for a corporate/conservative job, your makeup should be minimal but polished.  If you are in a creative/artistic field, such as hair or wardrobe stylist or makeup artist, your hair and face are your calling card and your makeup/hair  should reflect your skill, as you will be evaluated on that.  By the same token, I would say keep the extremes to a minimum.  Those feather lashes you are dying to wear probably should be saved for a photo shoot or the runway.
  • Attire – This can be tricky because as I said before, i am totally an advocate of self-expression and you should be able, to a certain extent be able to express your individuality.  However, I do believe that “professional” attire includes the following (especially if you dont do suits):
    • A nice pair of tailored slacks
    • Coordinating blouse/shirt
    • A pencil or A-line skirt that comes to at least your knees
    • A blazer, vest, or cardigan.
    • If color is your thing, scarves, belts or other accessories such as bangles in a pop color to pair with more neutral shades in your outfit/wardrobe (again this depends on the type of job you are applying/interviewing for)
  • Shoes – no open toes/sandals.  Keep your foot wear to a pump, kitten heel or oxford.

And please, use a portfolio or folder to present your resume/application.

Hope that helps :0)





universally flattering

In beauty, lifestyle, makeup on January 14, 2012 at 12:56 pm

“What color liner should i use for my eye color?”

“Of course I cant wear red lipstick.  It just doesnt look right on me.”

“Im looking for the perfect nude lipgloss but for my complexion.”

“What’s the perfect bronzer for brown girls?”

Ladies…these are all valid makeup questions and concerns and while I believe in some “rules” to a certain extent, makeup doesnt have to always be so serious.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of some universally flattering makeup options which can take the mystery and agony out of choosing products to help polish your look, regardless of your complexion.

Navy Eyeliner – This option is not necessarily as intense as black liner but still gives good definition without being over the top.  In addition, navy eyeliner intensifies the whites of the eyes for a more refreshed, wide eye look.  Try MakeUp Forever’s Aqua Eyes liner 3L.

True Red Lipstick – True red lipstick does not have blue, pink, or golden undertones.  a true red lipstick (fire engine red) works on just about all complexions.  Red lipstick creates a classic, polished look, especially with a winged eye, lots of lashes and a little blush.  Bare Escentuals Pretty Amazing Lip Color in Strength is a great pick.  Caution:  not intended for the faint at heart.

Nars Orgasm Blush – A cult favorite, this shade is a perfect peachy, golden shade.  On more fair complexions, it is great when swiped across the apples of the cheeks.  For deeper complexions, it makes for the perfect highlighter.

Rosy pink/Brown nude lipgloss.  Just a hint of color. Bobby Brown in Tearose, Bare Beige lipgloss by Laura Mercier (my absolute favorite)

Bronze Shadow – Works for all complexions when swept along the lid or crease

Brown Shadow Trio/Quad – One can never go wrong with a brown shadow trio or quad which includes a great highlighter color and a great midtone.  Depending where you put the shades you can create a nice natural eye, contoured eye, or even a smoky eye.


Have fun

Toodles :0)


I Love My Nail Tech

In beauty, lifestyle, makeup, Nails on January 13, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Can I just say how much I appreciate my nail tech? After years of being annoyed with nail techs who are unprofessional, sloppy and not so clean, it has truly been a breath of fresh air to have Lena do my nails. I remember a few months ago when I moved to this area, having gone to a few salons and as usual being pissed off because my nails werent shaped correctly, the acrylic was too thick, or they cut me with that drill because they were rushing. So needless to say when I first walked into my current salon, i was apprehensive and attitudinal. I sat in that chair waiting and watching and somewhat expecting to be disappointed. But I wasn’t. I was impressed. I was impressed because without saying one word to Lena she filled and shaped my nails to perfection! I mean my nails were beautiful without the polish. I shared with her how I appreciated her skill and attention to detail and how it has been years since I have been pleased with my nails. And the cherry on top of this experience is the fact that this salon is always very nice and clean.

This whole experience reminds me that as a makeup artist and as a color manager in the retail beauty industry to continue to deliver the highest level of knowledge and expertise in products AND services to ensure client loyalty and satisfaction.


Bonbon Nails
8611 16th Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910