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Concealers (Part 1 – Applying Under Eye Concealers)

In beauty, makeup on June 18, 2011 at 10:05 am

Dark under eye circles is one of the most common issues for women.  For many, it’s hereditary, for others it poor diet or maybe even a long night out partying.  Either way, selecting the correct under eye concealer can be quite a daunting task and instead of making you look refreshed and awake, the wrong under eye concealer can leave you looking quite haggard, bringing more attention to the area you were trying to conceal.  Even though in most cases, the problem will not go away completely, here are a few tips to help you select the best concealer to help improve the appearance of the under eye circles…

  • To begin with, find the correct shade by selecting a shade that mimics your skin tone.  Many people like the “brighter under the eye” look, but if done incorrectly, one can end up with that reverse raccoon look.  So again choose a shade that is close to your skin tone.  Now sometimes when concealers dont work, it has nothing to do with the shade selection.  It has more to do with weather or not you corrected the underlying tone before applying concealer.  In cases like this you would need to use a colored/correcting concealer before applying regular concealer.
  • Use a light green concealer to cover up redness such as acne scarring or birthmarks. (usually for areas not under the eye)
  • Pink shades tend to brighten as well as cancel out blue or gray tones that usually show up under the eyes.
  • Yellow based concealers  also brighten as well as cancel out pink tones. Depending on skin tone, sometimes yellow based concealers look chalky so be careful with your shade selection.
  • Orange toned concealers are great for darker skintones as the shade tends to cancel out blue tones under the eyes.
  • Next prep the area with an eye cream.  Its important to use an eye cream am/pm to treat/hydrate the area under your eyes.   You tend to use less product (conealer) when the skin is not dry and you also avoid mid-day flaking and caking.
  • To find out exactly where to apply the concealer, tilt your chin down and look into the mirror.  The deep crease/indentation that you see is where you need to apply the concealer.
  • Build coverage and pat gently.  Dont forget to apply the concealer to the inner corner of the eye and down the sides of the nose as these are the areas that tend to get the pretty dark as well.
  • Be sure to blend the edges of the application with a crease brush or finger.
  • Set with a translucent powder.