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Sephora Collection Colorista Custom Makeup Palette

In beauty, makeup on May 31, 2011 at 9:00 am

I am totally loving the Sephora Collection Colorista Custom Makeup Palette.  This palette packs some major punch with 40 eyeshadows, 5 cream eyeliners, 15 lipstick/glosses, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers.  The palette comes in a sleek black case and even better is the customizable compact that is included which can hold up to 8 shadows, liners, or glosses and 2 blushes or bronzers.  There is a little tool that looks like a pointed stick which is use to lift pans out of the wells to put into the compact.  Both the large palette and the customizable compact come with a mirror and magnetic wells so the pans do not fall out.  I will say that although the eyeshadows are fairly pigmented, still use an eyeshadow primer to keep the shadows from creasing and fading and to further intensify the color.  Valued at $155,  this awesome palette retails for $36. Sephora and



Get dipped with LashDip

In beauty, makeup on May 9, 2011 at 10:00 am

The science behind makeup/cosmetics has advanced over the years, especially with lash applications and enhancements.  In the past and currently, mascara has been the go to product to make lashes thicker, longer, and curlier.   There have even been advancements in the type of mascara wand to deliver specific results as well as formulas promising lash growth, thickening, etc.  There are also serums and treatments such as Latisse and RevitaLash that promise the world when it comes to beautiful lashes. And let’s not forget lash enhancements in the form of strip lashes, individual lashes and lash extensions.  Now it gets better.  Introducing LashDip, an innovative lash application/mascara replacement poised to revolutionize how we do mascara.  This semi-permanent application, done exclusively in spas and salons across the United States and Canada,  will allow you to wake up and go with beautiful, thick, dark, glossy lashes without the time it takes to actually put on mascara or fake lashes, and without the smudging, flaking, clumping that oftentimes comes with applying traditional mascara.  Here are a few more facts about LashDip

  • waterproof, allowing you to participate in activities such as exercising, dancing, and even swimming
  •  can be used with lash treatments such as Latisse as well as lash extensions
  • lasts four to six weeks
  • safe for contact wearers as well as those with sensitive eyes

LashDip can cost $200-$300 for an initial application and must be applied by a certified salon professional or a licensed aesthetician.

Rita Hazan Root Concealer

In beauty, hair on May 9, 2011 at 1:30 am

There is nothing more exciting than getting a new hair color to complement a great hairstyle and a beautiful face.  There is nothing worse than the roots that grow in after a couple of weeks of getting that beautiful color – unless of course that’s the look you are going for.  There are a multitude of root touch up solutions that you can use such as that lipstick looking thing or colored hair mascaras used to touch up that landing strip in the middle of your head.  Or you can use Rita Hazan Root Concealer.  Developed by the master colorist herself, this waterproof and sweat resistant root concealer is designed to conceal your roots in between color services.  Perfect for all hair textures, Rita Hazan Root Concealer comes in 4 colors, and has a pinpoint nozzle for precise application.  Just part your hair to reveal the areas you want to conceal, point and spray using a back and forth motion.  It only takes 3-5 minutes to dry,  shampoos out and doesn’t stain your face, clothes, or mess up your makeup.  $24.

Smashbox Limitless Lipstain & Color Seal Balm

In beauty, makeup on May 6, 2011 at 5:27 pm

I have never really been a fan of lip stains because although they give a nice color sans the glossiness, I have often found that they leave my lips rather dry looking and feeling.  Not cute.  However, Smashbox seems to have solved that issue.  They recently launched their Limitless Lipstain & Color Seal Balm.  This innovative two in one product has a lipstain on one end that delivers highly pigmented, feather resistant 8 hour color and on the other end an emollient balm on the other end that can be worn alone or on top of the lipstain.  For optimal results, use a lip exfoliant first to slough off dry dead skin.  Now I get the best of both worlds of great color and hydration in one product and you can too :0)  Available in 6  gorgeous shades and retails for $23.  Sephora,,

Anastasia eyeshadow palette with skincare benefits

In beauty, makeup, skincare on May 6, 2011 at 2:30 am

Known to many as the definitive brow expert and a beauty innovator, Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills has been a leader in the industry for years.  She concerns herself not only with creation of the perfect brow but also the health of the skin.  This lead her to create Illumin8 with Youthful Synergy Complex Eye Shadow Palettes, gorgeous eyeshadows with skincare benefits.  These palettes have been formulated with ingredients such as the Youthful Synergy Complex which has been clincally proven to lift, hydrate and revitalize the skin as well as Balkan Botanical Infusion which soothes, softens and hydrates the skin.   Paraben, fragrance free and perfect for all age groups,  these 5 palettes contain several shades (used wet or dry) to create a multitude of fantastic looks that will take you from day to evening.  $40.