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New Urban Decay Primer Potion Packaging

In beauty, makeup on April 24, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, which continues to be a cult favorite among beauty junkies and makeup artists, now comes in a squeeze tube, allowing you to get all of the fabulous product where it needs to be, on your eyelids instead of inside the tube.  Make sure you stock up because this packaging is exclusive to Sephora for a limited time.  $19.  Sephora and


Get Your Glow On

In beauty, fashion on April 14, 2011 at 10:30 am

Summer is fast approaching and what better time to have delicious, beautifully glowing skin.  There are many products that can deliver that effect, such as body oils and lotions, as well as body bronzers but i especially like the Nars Illuminator  to get my runway glow on because this sheer, luminous product can be used on the body as well as the face.  Use it by itself on the high points of the face, decolletage, and shoulders or mix it with your favorite liquid foundation or body lotion.  It comes in 4 shades:

  • Orgasm: a peachy pink which looks best on fairer complexions
  • Super Orgasm:  has more of a golden glow and beautifully highlights deeper complexions
  • Copacabana: which is pearlescent and can be used as a highlighter
  • Laguna: which is a bit more bronze and looks better on medium skin tones

$29 available at Sephora, and

Beauty and Fashion Survival Kit

In beauty, fashion, lifestyle, makeup on April 8, 2011 at 10:00 am

If you are anything like me, you carry a large purse (super cute of course) with everything in it – I mean EVERYTHING:  a book, a magazine, makeup, snacks, defibrillator, wallet, (only kidding about that defibrillator).  In addition to that, I like to carry other personal items such as deodorant, oral care, etc.  and, of course,  I want a really cute way to carry all of those items.  Well check out one of the best inventions ever called MINIMERGENCY KIT FOR HER by Ms. & Mrs.  This cute little pouch (measuring 3.5″x 2″ x 2″) holds the tiniest of personal care/fashion/beauty emergency products for on the go.  Available in a variety of colors, the pouch holds items such as  nail polish, double sided tape, mouthwash, earring backs, tampon, etc.  It’s perfect to keep in your purse, glove compartment, or desk.  Also available are kits for him, special occassions such as weddings, and for school.  Kits start at $12.  Available at Sephora as well as and



Film Set Tips

In etiquette, makeup on April 4, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Having the opportunity to work on film and television sets over the years, I have gained valuable skills and experiences that have helped me grow as an artist and as a business woman.  Being on location can bring about exciting and fulfilling days, as well as long days with unexpected twists and turns that test your patience and you long to hear the words “That’s a wrap”.  Having said that, here are some tips and best practices to help you along the way..

Do your prep work:

  • Understand the script.  If you are provided with a script, you should actually read it so that you understand the characters/settings and what is required of you to bring characters to life.
  • Utilize your call sheets.  Your call sheets are going to list times, dates, scenes, locations, cast and crew for each day of the shoot so you always know the who, what, when, why and where.  You will also know how to plan the looks and what to bring for that particular day.
  • Attend the pre-production meetings for your department.  You play a very important role in the production so it is important to take detailed notes and to ask questions.
  • Be sure to discuss the details of pay, contracts, etc prior to the shoot so that everyone is clear on what the compensation is and there wont be any surprises.

On Set:

  • Arrive early to set up and organize your work station.  A lot of time is wasted when your work station is haphazard.  You must position yourself to complete the looks in a timely manner, especially when you are responsible for doing makeup for multiple talent.
  • Understand that you are at work.  Your friends and family should not be on set.
  • Bring snacks just in case there is no craft services or if it will be a while before meals are served.
  • Dress comfortably and professionally and please be aware of your hygiene.  Also wear a watch even if you dont normally wear one so that you always are aware of the time.
  • Always be on standby for touch-ups/last looks.  The director should never have to look for you.
  • Watch the monitor to see what the talent looks like and dont be afraid to say that you need to touch up something before the camera starts rolling.  It is your job to make sure people look good.  That is your work on the screen that everyone will see.  Own it!!!
  • Since scenes are shot out of sequence and you may need to do the same look on the same person for several days in a row,  be sure to keep your notes and continuity charts in order and pay attention to detail.
  • Have a set bag for when you are on standby filled with the essentials (q-tips, translucent powder, lipstick, etc) to touch up in between shots.  This way you wont have to lug your entire kit around the set.
  • Dont leave set until you are told to.  Understand that times can run over and that you will be expected to continue working.
  • Understand that the language that makeup artists speak and what directors speak can be two different things.  Be patient in understanding exactly what is expected of you.
  • Be kind, remain flexible and no complaining.

Hope that helps

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