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The 9-5 Bra by Wink Intimates

In fashion on March 6, 2011 at 5:09 am

Have you ever wondered if there was a better solution to wearing some of your favorite low cut tops aside from doing the safety pin deal or wearing a camisole under your clothing?   The other option would be to bear your endowments but unless you are starring in some lewd video, that is not always the most appropriate look, especially for the work place. Well, imagine my excitement while reading my “O” magazine (ive been catching up on a lot of reading) when I came across a most wonderful invention  – the 9-5 bra by Wink Intimates.  This bra, created to maximize a woman’s wardrobe, looks somewhat like a half camisole to cover the bust area and wears like a traditional bra.  The 9-5 has some amazing features such as:

  • underwire with soft microfiber cups for support
  • angled, adjustable straps that prevent slippage

Now I can wear some of my favorite low cut tops without having to put on all these extra clothes to cover up my goods.  I get the coverage of a tank top and the support of a bra – all in one piece.  Here’s to another great multitasking item!  Available in in sizes 32B to 40DD.  $85 at




Multitasking Trench Coat

In fashion on March 5, 2011 at 8:53 am

Ok so I was reading my latest issue of “O” and came across the most fabulous trench coat I have ever seen.  Anyone who knows me know that not only am I a DIYer, but  i am also a multitasker and I love items that multitask and can be used in different ways – everything – from jewelry to makeup and clothing.  Anywho…imagine my excitement when I came across this Tommy Hilfiger trench coat ($160)  (Macy’s: 800-622-9748) which can be worn not only as a trenchcoat but can also be worn as  a dress and a  bolero jacket.

Talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck!!!!

*please note that I was not able to find this trench coat on Tommy Hilfiger’s website and that two of the comments on said that they also called the Macy’s number and they couldnt find it either so keep trying.*

Hyperpigmentation Solutions

In skincare on March 5, 2011 at 8:24 am

Hyperpigmentation is one of many skin issues that affect many people.  Like acne itself,  hyperpigmentation (the scarring left behind) distracts from one’s beauty, causing aggrevation, anguish and sometimes isolation because you dont want to be around anyone.  I can totally relate because I started getting acne when i was 10 years old.  Imagine going through middle school, high school, college and part of your 20’s with problematic skin.  This drove me to not only spend hours researching and experimenting with various products, but I also developed a passion for skincare. I tried so many spot lightning creams which didnt work for me.  Then I discovered Black Opal Dual Complex Fade Gel which contains 2% hydroquinone (and at the time, alpha hydroxy acid which sweeps away dead skin cells.  They have since changed the packaging and I didnt see the AHA listed in the ingredients.  That doesnt mean it isnt still in the product)   After cleasing the skin, use a toothpick or hair pin to dab on the spot.   The product absorbs into the skin.  Continue with your skincare routine.  I love this product because I began to see a difference in about two weeks. Can be found at your local beauty supply store $15.95

Other alternatives/options for you to try:
-Clinique Even Better Clinical.  This serum is a smart product meaning it seeks out the areas that are darker to lighten them and even out your skintone.  It is for all ethnicities.  Feedback from clients is that although this product takes longer to see results, it actually works.

-Dr Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel.  Claims to fade unwanted discoloration and exfoliate damaged skin cells.

-DDF Fade Gel 4.  Contains hydroquinone as well as kojic and glycolic  and alpha hydroxy acid, which are powerful skin/dark mark lightners.

-Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 3% Wash.  This oil free cleanser exfoliates the skin, addresses the signs of aging and evens out texture and tone.

Also, peels, microdermabrasion, and exfoliators can also help to even out skin tone/texture and help fade dark spots.  My personal favorite is the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash which I use 2 to 3 times a week to help cleanse, retexturize and refine my skin.

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Some of my favorite drug store brands

In beauty, makeup on March 5, 2011 at 7:29 am

Its not always about the high end products that we read about in magazines.  I am completely of the belief that you get exactly what you pay for in product and service, however, there are some drug store brands that are actually good and worthy enough to make their way into our cosmetic bags, makeup kits and our hearts (ok that was corny but you get the point).  And let’s be real here, sometimes our higher end favorites are just not in our budget this week.  Here is a non exhaustive list of some of my personal and professionl favs, most of which are under $5.

-Wet n Wild Mega Liner (liquid liner) in 861 (black).  Its black, shiny, dries quickly, and doesn’t smear.
-Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss Lip Get in 311 (clear).  Similar to Macs Lip Glass, this clear gloss is super shiny.  It is a little thick which I dont like personally, but it’s perfect when i need high shine for photo shoots, etc.
-Wet n wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in 346 (strike a pose rose).  I use this as a blush on most clients.  Makes for a soft illuminator on deeper skinned clients.  There is a possibility that it will look gray on very dark skinned clients so be mindful of that.
-Wet n wild Mega Glo Iluminating Powder in 348 (starlight bronze).  Perfect bronzer for brown girls.  This is my absolute favorite bronzer in the world.  It leaves such a beautiful golden bronze glow, just like i’ve been on an island somewhere.  Delicious!!!!
-Beautique eye liner/lip liner pencils (sally beauty supply).  These pencils are creamy and apply very smoothly.  I use these for my brows and lips.  For me personally, these are the best pencils i have used and I havent found anything that compares to the quality.
-Ardel lashes.  These come in various styles/lengths/densities.  I use these for myself personally and in bulk for my kit.  I buy the ones that have the clear band with the bulbs attached as opposed to the black band for a more natural look/flair.
-Ardel lash adhesive.  Waterproof, odorless and dries clear.
-Ardel brow shapers.  These cold wax strips are perfect for in between visits to your brow stylist or if you do your own brows.  They come with 21 strips for above and below the brow.  No need to measure, just apply and carefully remove.
-Aveeno skincare.  I love the entire Positively Radiant line.  Made with natural soy, these products cleanse my skin, leaving it clear and radiant.  I also love their oatmeal soap.  This soothes my skin, leaving it super soft.
-Milani nail polish.  These nail polishes come in such beautiful colors.  I will be honest, i dont know if these chip or not simply because i wear acrylics so I never have that issue.

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