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lash up

In beauty, makeup on May 24, 2010 at 6:02 am

just thought i would share four of my favorite mascara’s before i went to bed (in no particular order) :0)

  1. maybelline great lash – this drug store favorite packaged in its infamous pink and green tube is tried and true with it’s medium sized brush that allows you to get every single hair.  no clumps and great for sensitive eyes, i like it in very black
  2. bare minerals buxom lash – i was pleasantly suprised by this mascara with its wand that has tiny little bristles that deliver intense color and staying power.  it is super black and shiny, doesnt flake, magnifies lashes and contains antioxidants to condition lashes.  in addition to all of that goodness, it is formulated without dyes, parabens or sulfates
  3. givenchy phenomen’eyes – instead of a traditional wand, this mascara comes with a spherical ball with tiny bristles that grab every single hair and coats the tips of lashes to perfection regardless of eyeshape
  4. lorac special effects – i like this mascara because 1) it is double ended with a  primer which is formulated with dl-panthenol and plant extracts to revitalize and condition lashes and the other side has a carbon black lenghthening and defining mascara and 2) because the wands are smaller and grabs every single lash – great for people like me who have very fine lashes (until i put on my mac #44 lashes woot woot!)

thanks and good night :0)


just wondering

In beauty, etiquette, fashion on May 23, 2010 at 6:16 am

i have been trying to figure out when it became acceptable to

  • wear skirts and dresses so short that your secret place is almost exposed.  i thought private parts were just that – private.  i was at work one day and i had to tell a client who was bending down exposing everything that she needed to stand up because she was offending everyone, including myself.  you know what she says to me? “oh that happens all the time.”  im thinking if it happens so much, maybe you should reconsider what you are wearing.
  • wear pants/jeans sagging, exposing color coordinated boxers.  even worse to walk in such a way while wearing your sagging jeans to hold them up.  i mean these fools have perfected that slow dip walk to prevent their pants from completely falling off.  come on.  this pant sagging trend started in prison because inmates were not allowed to wear belts with their prison uniforms because the belt would enable them to hang themselves, other inmates, or use as weapons.  why would anyone want to emulate such a thing?  and why should a law be passed to tell your foolish behind to keep your pants pulled up? oh and dont let me start on sagging skinny jeans!
  • to wear sunglasses and hats indoors.  there was a time (back when we had more manners) that when you entered a building you would take off your hat.  it was a sign of respect.  now not only is it hats it’s sunglasses as well.
  • to walk into a store/transact business while checking out on a cell phone
  • to not wear the proper undergarments under your clothing.  ladies come on.  you need to make sure you are wearing the right type of bra for your outfit and the size of your bust.  i know it can be hard for those that have fuller bust lines – you want to wear the cute little halter tops, strapless tops and whatever else is out there that isnt big bust friendly.  dont push you luck.  minimal cleavage is acceptable in certain settings (not while looking for a job but i will talk about that later) but your areola is showing.  thongs should not be seen peeking out of your pants, skirts, etc.  and when you bend down, even if it is at your knees, you need to ensure that you are not flashing everyone.  crack kills.  visible panty lines are never acceptable.  they make seamless panties, thongs, etc.  and do you remember slips?  they go under your skirts.  and for those of you with big thighs and large posteriors, you need to invest in some undergarments with some built in control like spanx.  you might think it’s attractive to have all your stuff jingling all over the place but actually it isnt.  and just because something comes in your size doesnt mean you should be wearing it. just thought i would throw that out there as well.

im just saying

In beauty on May 23, 2010 at 12:36 am

i know it’s been  some time since i’ve been here but i digress :0)

Nivea Body Essentially Enriched Daily Lotion with Sea Minerals, Vitamin E & Almond Oil Body Gels And Creams

i had been searching for a new body lotion for quite some time that didnt cost an arm and a leg (HA!  no pun intended).  there are  some favorites that i love like korres body butter in yogurt and the body shop’s body butter in olive which are super scrumptious but i still felt like i wanted to find a more economical product that i could buy from my local cvs, walmart or target.  then one day i found it.  allow me to introduce…dun dun  dun…. Nivea Body Essentially Enriched daily lotion for very dry rough skin.  now i have tried other nivea products in the past which i wasnt exactly impressed with.  im not even sure what made decide to try this lotion this time but i must say this divine body lotion which is enriched with sea minerals, vitamin e and almond oil, leaves my skin silky smooth and soft with a beautiful glow.  im glad to be able to add this to my collection of beauty products and maybe you will too :0)

watch your back

In beauty, fashion on May 23, 2010 at 12:03 am

Stock Photo - rear view of construction  worker bending  over revealing  his butt crack.  fotosearch - search  stock photos,  pictures, images,  and photo clipart

ok just in case someone hasnt told you…crack kills.  there is absolutely no reason when you bend down, lean over, or make some other kind of move that i get an eye-full of your ass-sets.  here are a few pointers for making sure you cover your backside

  • make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments for your outfit.  this includes what i call a “safety shirt” which is nothing more than a camisole or undershirt which you tuck into your your pants, skirt, etc.  so now when you bend down or lean over etc we dont see everything
  • bend at the knees
  • ask someone else to get it  (whatever “it” is) for you

hope that helps :0)