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protect yourself

In beauty, etiquette on October 2, 2009 at 6:58 am

so working at a company that is the “leading expertise in beauty” i see many things during the day.  i see ladies come in all the time with their dirty fingers rubbing in shadows and blushes, people with growths on their lips slathering on lip gloss with the wand that comes in the tube as well as applying lipstick directly from the tube without consideration and ladies trying on a myriad of mascaras ,again, with the wand that comes in the tube.  with that said, cleanliness and sanitization is major a concern.  i just want to share with you a few tips on how to protect yourself and others when you visit stores that have an open sell environment…

mascara:  use the disposable mascara wands that have been provided (use a different wand for each eye.  double dipping is a no no)

lip gloss:  if you are trying on stick gloss (you know the ones that you screw off the top and the wand is attached) use the disposable lip wands that are provided and again no double dipping).  if you are trying on a lip color that comes in a pot, first wipe off the top layer of uncertainty with tissue then take a lip wand to dip into the pot and apply the color.  if you using a lip gloss that comes in a tube, squeeze out a little of the product onto a tissue, then spray some alcohol on the tip of the tube and rewipe the tip, throw the tissue away and then use a disposable lip wand to apply the color.

lip sticks:  take a tissue to wipe off the layer of uncertainty then alcohol the lipstick and then wipe again

eye shadows:  use a tissue to wipe off the layer of uncertainty then take a disposable eye shadow applicator to apply your eyeshadow. and again do not double dip.

also when you go into these stores for makeovers, the artist should be sanitizing their hands, using brush cleaner for their brushes before they touch the product and your face, wiping off layers of uncertainty, wiping off the mouths of foundation bottles with alcohol so on and so forth.  and (gasp) if they ever blow on their brushes, product or you, run for the nearest exit because that is so gross!!!!!

i hope this tidbit of information helps to raise your level of awareness about issues of cleanliness.


need a lift?

In fashion on October 2, 2009 at 5:08 am

a while back i wrote a post on wearing shoes that are ill fitting.  add this onto the list of shoe offenses…

so i was in the grocery store the other day when i heard this loud clicking noise.  i was wondering what it was as the sound seemed to be coming closer and closer.  could it be someone with a cane or a crutch or even a walker?  surely it couldnt be a horse!  no…it was a woman who had worn her shoes down.  im having a hard time understanding why people do this when there are shoe repair shops everywhere and if i am not mistaken, some dry cleaners still do shoe repairs as well.  it is not expensive at all to get new lifts  put on your shoes when the heel starts wearing away. (depending on the shoes and where you go, lifts only cost about $5 per shoe)  it is so not cute to wear your shoes down so much that the white part starts showing and the leather/fabric starts shredding and splitting.  so take my advice…get new lifts put on your shoes when they start wearing away.  no need in sounding like a thoroughbred when you walk.