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dont sweat. just MED e TATE

In beauty on June 24, 2009 at 5:48 am

so i discovered a very interesting product specifically formulated for those who suffer from hyperdrosis – a condition that causes one to sweat excessively regardless of activity.  what, do you ask, is this product?  MED e TATE by DERMAdoctor.  instead of the botox shot that the 3% of americans who suffer from this disorder would use to keep this problem at bay, you would instead take one of these towelettes and swipe on sweat prone areas such as armpits, hands, soles of feet, under the bust and even on the face.  what is it in MED e TATE  that makes it effective?  it contains antipersperant therapy which includes a blend of ingredients that mimic Botox Cosmetic.  even better, you dont have to have hyperhydrosis to use this wonder.  use before a date, an interview or situation that may cause you to sweat a little more than usual but less than if you were a running faucet.  so go ahead.  dont sweat.   just MED e TATE.

med e tate


smooth operator

In beauty, makeup on June 22, 2009 at 6:24 am

listen – crusty lips are not acceptable.  ever.  there is no reason why lips should look like corn flakes.  not cute.  to exfoliate, you can use a washcloth, a toothbrush,  a pestle, chisel or sander. or even better you can use tarte’s  FRXtion – a two sided wonder.  one side has sugar crystals that exfoliate and the other side is a soothing vitamin e balm.  it also has a built in mirror on the cap.  so go ahead.  do your lips a favor.  use tarte’s FRXtion today. 


duo lights

In beauty, makeup on June 22, 2009 at 2:47 am

so about that sephora brand duo bronzer/lumizer.  i dont remember the time or the day this product came into my life.  i dont even know what possessed me to pick it up and try it.  all i know is that i go nowhere without it.  as i stated in a previous post, it is a cream formulation that glides smoothly and beautifully over the skin.  use the deeper bronze color on the eyes, cheeks, and shoulders and the lighter golden shade can be used above and below the brow bone, the center of lips, cheekbones – where ever you want to put it.  i personally take my brush and swirl it around to pick up a blend of both colors and swirl it on the high planes of my cheeks, in the center of my forhead, down the center of my nose for a bronzy (is that a word), glowy, dewy look and it helps control excess sebum production.  i cant get enough. 

sephor brand duo bronzer

light me up

In beauty, makeup on June 22, 2009 at 2:33 am

i was at work today helping a client look for a liquid bronzer/luminizer (she had fair skin) that wouldnt be too dark.  i showed her several brands, one of which was my favorite  beauty must have – sephora brand duo lights which is a cream bronzer/luminizer combination which works on all complexions.  i take my blush brush and swirl it around then apply to my – wait. enough about me.  my client liked it but it wasnt quite what she was looking for.  during my search i kept showing her different products.    then i happened upon 4 treasures that i never considered before because is not a part of one of my go- to lines.  i think my life might be changed. (oh yeah – she loved it and bought it but enough about her).  what is it you ask?  Clinique Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator.  it is a sheer, lightweight liquid illuminator that can be mixed with any foundation or used alone.  use it to highlight brow bones, cupid’s bows, the inner corner of your eyes, and contour cheeks.  it’s great!!! it comes in four shades which can be used on any skintone (i have a dark complexion).  if i am not mixing this into foundation,  i would apply with my fingertips which is sometimes the best applicator because your fingers warm the product for better application.  yay!!!!              clinique uplighting liquid illuminator                    Read the rest of this entry »

firm foundation

In beauty, makeup on June 12, 2009 at 4:25 pm

good day all.  i just saw some not so exact advice floating around in twitterville on how to choose the right foundation.  i actually see women do this all the time – testing foundation on the back of their hand or inside their wrist.  this may work for some but generally speaking the skin on our hands/inside wrists are a different shade than what’s on our face.  to get a better read or indication on how to choose the right shade of foundation for your complection, follow these simple “rules”…

if your skin color is even – color stripe you foundation along your jawline

if your skin is lighter in the center of your face – color stripe just below your cheekbone

if you have variations of color in your skin – color stripe in each area of your face

if your face is dramatically lighter than your neck – color stripe to match your neck.

also when color striping, choose three similar shades that appear to match your complexion, draw a verticle line of each color along your jawline (or other specified area), wait a minute to allow the color to sit (oxidize), swipe through the lines horizontally with a cotton tip applicator and the color that disappears into the skin after blending is the correct match.

good day.